Optifine profile won't load?

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  1. So... I basically spent six hours today trying to get my mods reinstalled after making the mistake of trying to use magic launcher to have all my mods work at once. (Clearly this is impossible with the 1.6 update :/ )I had to delete the .minecraft so many times I lost count. I got forge modloader installed and liteloader installed. I got optifine installed with optiforge installer, but when I go to the profile and try to load it it crashes and gives me this message:

    Hopefully somewhere else here has had this problem and can help me out. Or maybe point out a painfully obvious mistake I may have made. xD
  2. McPatcher is saying that there is a conflict between optifine and forge and it will load the forge files instead. I am pretty sure optifine is supposed to overwrite those .class files so I don't know what to do. I never imagined I would have a problem reinstalling a mod that I've installed before. :(
  3. you must delete the files from optifine that it says it is conflicting, that is how i do it :)
  4. Check your inbox :)
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  5. Unfortunately, I am not certain how I managed to make it work out with the new launcher, either. :(
    You will have to download the exact version of Forge listed on the Optifine thread on Minecraft Forum...

    I absolutely HATE modding with this new launcher. :/
  6. Thanks for the help 5weety. :D

    Twitch, 5weety sent me a tutorial that helped me out with absolutely no issues. :D I will link it to you in pms.
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