Ops4Black, come back.

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  1. Today, well what we heard from Ops4Black, someone had chest perms on his lot, she stole his slimeballs and kept reselling them to him, there for he went from 23,000 to 133.-That is supposively his side of the story, I don't know if thatis the truth, but then he said he was leaving EMC for good. I don't want him to leave....he was so fun...hosting drop parties,opening malls, cheap shop prices.It is a shame that he is gone.
    Again, I am not blamming someone, that is Ops4Black's story
  2. Everyone, post "We want Ops Back" to try and get him back!
  3. who?
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  4. Please edit your posts of the Accused's name
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  5. It is against the rules to post names of people who may or my not have broken the rules. Even though you say you don't blame him/her it still allows people to know who he/she is and they may harass him/her without reason.
  6. I am sorry, I did not know, I have edited, and will not accuse anyone anymore.
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  7. Thanks for excepting my apology Frodomann1.
  8. Bah. I never talked with him much. Perhaps I should make a funny grave caption for him. Anyways, did he even use the Forums?
  9. He'll be back.
  10. I just realized how cold hearted that made me sound... :(
  11. Yah, he will, he has so much inventory in his shop that he will gain it back in a matter of a week.
  12. Well, Op4Black, please come back, kindof rymes:D
  13. me and gypsyluke77 sold him the slime balls lol
  14. Enjoy the stealing ban.
  15. how did i steal i did not
  16. Come back!
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  17. I am a guy first of all and we did not steal
  18. Then why did you state you where the person of the crime in the first place. You just got busted, B-U-STED you just got busted!
  19. Guys Guys Guys. Calm down. Lets not blame anyone here. Ops could have just been greifed and gabe627 sold him slimeballs(which he had the right to do). Lets not fight.
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