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  1. Hello,
    I'm currently working at my res but I want to know what other people think of it. I'm planning to build a big tower on the roof of it, and then there would be seperate rooms that are attached to the outside of the tower. If someone has any other ideas, comments, or a opinion on it, then I would be glad to hear it :p.
    Anyway, here's a screenshot of what it is so far:
    house resized.PNG
  2. I like it
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  3. Im glad that you like it :D
  4. It looks great, good work! :)
  5. Very nice. I like the lapis blocks, they add a nice contrast to the building. Post more pics as you go. What Smp and lot #?
  6. I've changed the house a bit, those blue blocks are now blue wool :p.
    Here is a update on how the house looks now:
    You can visit the house on smp1, ./v 944:p house 2.PNG
  7. Nice tower, how many floors going make it?
  8. I have no idea :p, but it's going to be fairly big.
  9. Haha awesome, what's your res and server
  10. I like it looks good in the snow biome.