[Opinions] Astro Gaming Headsets

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  1. So recently I've been looking into getting a new pair of headsets, Astro A40s to be exact. I've done a bunch of researching and have to come to a conclusion that the Astro A40s have what I am looking for and the price too. So before I go and buy them, whats your opinion on them. Please state whether you've had or have them :)
  2. first. i have never owned an astro product, but iam looking into getting a pair of a40s or a50s in the near future, however i have used a pair of a40s before, the sound quality is fantastic, they are durable, (a buddy of mine has dropped them on tile floors multiple times, still work like the day they came out of the box) they are light weight and comfortable, a bit pricey in my opinion, but if you have to money, defiantly go for it
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  3. They look cool. I just purchased a set of Corsair void and I'm loving them. Since I was looking for a wireless headset with mic which this headset provides. I'm sure you Astro A40s will suit your needs.
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  4. Just something to consider: buying mic and headphones seperately instead of combined in a headset will always get you better quality for same prize. Also if one breaks you dont have to throw away both, you have less problems with breathing into the microphone, it is slightly lighter on your head.

    Also I do not own the Astro A40.
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  5. To add upon, I'm purchasing these mostly for console use but sometimes I may use them for PC. I have a pair of Tritton Kunais which in my personal opinion, are not so great. I plan on using my Astros on my console and Trittons on PC since all I need is sound quality as I own a Blue Yeti.
  6. from my experience the a40s do not have a very great mic, i use a blue yeti microphone, it works great, getting an external microphone is almost always better, with some creative working, you can hook the yeti up to a console
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  7. I have an A40 (using it atm).
    For its price, it's a pretty good gaming headset - great for GAMES, but not as good as headphones when it comes to sound quality.
    Microphone is good too, never had any issues with it. Pretty nice output when I'm talking on mumble/skype, should be good for recording videos too.
    If you're looking for a gaming headset, I definitely recommend it. If you're looking for sound quality (for that extra bass in songs or professional recording, for example), I'd recommend doing what Hasorko said and getting headphones + a microphone.
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