Operation Rebirth

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  1. Idk why i named it that.
    As i mentioned in another thread, im back 1 month has passed since i gave away every single thing i owned, But i want things to do that arent ordinary So im asking you kiddies to give me challenges for me to accomplish please :>
    Challenge list
    Make a diamond house (Easy xD )
    Everything the guy below me said besides diamond sup (Maybe Gold :) )
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  2. Diamond House, Diamond Armor, Diamond Tools, Successful Shop, Cool Pixel Art, Intricate Smooth Stone Generator, Tons of TEXP, get Diamond Supporter
    When you finish make sure to change your profile pic to this
    Heck Yeah..jpg
  3. You have a tiny amount of TEXP how do you have a ton of TEXP? You don't deserve that profile picture!
  4. Epic Face Fail! its .:mad:. without the periods. BTW hes not a supporter so its more challenging to him :p
  5. *:.mad.: without the periods
  6. Achieve 1mil =P
  7. Those were goals for YOU
  8. I already climbed into the top double digits for a while but I quit the server for a while. Also I have been using some grinders made by my special friend rtardo, god I miss him.
  9. This sounds like a really cool idea! cant wait to see what you can do =D