Operation Minecraft Blackout

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  1. Hey guys. I just want to tell you about a great event that is to fight back the EULA and #SAVEMINECRAFT.
    It's called Operation Minecraft Blackout. This event is going to try and shut down the servers that agree to shut them down for 24 hours. This will bring awareness to Mojang that the EULA is NOT okay. I would appreciate that EMC would do that.
    Go check the official article at http://redstonetor.ch/eula/
  2. So, how would this affect Mojang? They don't make any money off of servers, or make anything off of them really, this would only affect server owners and players.
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  3. This will show awareness and to say to Mojang that the EULA is NOT okay.
  4. Like they care. They do not care if servers shut down. As mrlegit said, it really does not affect them. You payed for the game, not many players who do not have mc will care, and this will just make members on servers who agree to this mad and wanting to play mc. Mojang does not give a crap if you already payed for your game.
  5. This would not do anything other than make players upset. Mojang doesnt even look at those statistics, so imp it is not worth our time. The answer is what most people are doing. Talking directly with mojang and voicing displeasure in a way that we can be sure that they will notice.
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  6. A petition would probably work better than this.
  7. Well, the one good thing about that plan is that it would players them with a link to the petition, so A LOT of people would be exposed to it.
  8. What kind of bs is this? If you're not going to resolve this conflict civilly then to hell with the opposition
    Mojang has every right to enforce the EULA, If they think it will ultimately benefit in the long run then so be it.
  9. *Sits back. Relaxes, and fish for Magikarp*
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  10. I have nothing but foul words for Mojang and Markus "Notch" Persson. They can burn in the fires of Hades for all I give a damn! I was already losing faith in the direction of Minecraft before this bullcrap arose. I had my fun, I enjoyed my time and I will never forget the positive portions of my experience. However, all respect I had for Notch went out the window when this douchebag took the offensive position he has and his defensive response to any civil discussion.

    I don't call for a boycott. I don't want anyone taking my side for popular opinion. I also completely understand the business model being employed here. However, only a complete ingrate would look at this and decide that Mojang is in the position of moral high ground here.
    "This is a Realms must succeed tactic! We make crap games outside of our anomalous game Minecraft and so we must capitalize after dumping so much money on purchasing developers. We have enough to survive 10 years but we screwed up and didn't corner the server market in time. We didn't focus on Multiplayer in the beginning, now all of that groundwork has been completed by those who could be purchased for bottom dollar and now we must crush the competition with our millions of dollars earned because of this free market labor we condoned until it became bigger than us!" - My personal interpretation of the sh**storm Mojang created.

    I am not a fan of douchebaggery, hence I no longer support Mojang in any manner.

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    I usually am playing Don't Starve. As soon as "Don't Starve Together" goes live, I am going to pour many hours into that. However, I don't really have a grasp on the game yet. :) I have had it a long time. FYI - Don't Starve is $14.99 on Steam and Don't Starve Together will be free to current owners of Steam or Stand Alone versions. (Also on GOG.com)
    Once they release Don't Starve Together, the core game will be $19.99. Check out GOG.com Summer Sale - I saw it on there a day ago. :)
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  11. Don't Starve - Steam $3.74 / Don't Starve: Reign of Giants DLC - Steam $3.99 / Don't Starve and Don't Starve: Reign of Giants - Steam $7.59
  12. It's steam summer sale. We should all go okay dayz or something and write angry emails and blog posts about the Eula
  13. Bravo!
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