Operation King Under The Mountain

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  1. So if you haven't read The Hobbit, I suggest you do so.

    If you have read The Hobbit, you know what I'm talking about.

    On the SMP3 Wild I'm building The Lonely Mountain. This will be not like any other mountain built in Minecraft. This will be a large, non-climbable purple majestic mountain capped with snow. With a sturdy built passageway running underneath it. The passage way leads to the underground kingdom.

    Anybody wanting to help this project is welcome to! :)
    I need purple clay, snow, and picks.
    Suggestions are welcome! :)
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  2. Wait... Purple? No no no... Try grey wools, grey hardened clays, stone, etc... Build Smaug in center room :p (Yes I've read it)
  3. You gotta do the interior too!!! green clay, and gold for the bars, and also a 150x150 room full of gold!!!
  4. Yeah I know, I'll need some.
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  5. Smaug? Hmm.. :/ I'm not good drawing dragons, let alone building them..
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  6. I have a lot of snow blocks. If you would like some just PM me and I will work out the details
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  7. Okie :D
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  8. Good luck... PM me when it is done... As I'd like to see it
  9. Sounds cool, if you would like any help building anything at all just shoot me a PM. I might like this as a side project.
  10. Alright, anybody willing to donate may do so on SMP7 :) My res is 14607
    I will be starting on this tomorrow morning, if you want to come out with me please say so and I will start a pm between all of us :)