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  1. Okay guys, so I have been thinking. I have only just come to realize how good almost everyone in the Empire Minecraft Community has been, and I knew I had to give back.

    Many of you in the Empire love to help out whether they are helping out an old timer, or helping out some new players to the Empire. I myself have been through the frightening experience of coming to the Empire and wondering what I need to do, what I can do, what there is to do. Although the thought was short lived as there were many of you willing the help out! I can note already some of these players include Highlancer54, Deathconn and bro_im_infinite just to name a very slim few!

    So I have been brainsteaming ideas on how I can give back to the community, a few ideas I came up with were these:
    • Have a public wilderness outpost
      Would include farms, exp grinders, Iron Farms etc
    • Have a public Utopia residence
      Have many automated farms to help out.
    But the main idea that I came up with was to have a service. Now many of you may be wondering, just how exactly it's giving back to the community, I mean there are many different services out there already, many are very organized and have rather cheap prices. Well this is were I feel this service would shine. (Read the befits / idea)

    The Benefits / idea

    This service will involve EVERYONE from the community to help out
    It will let the buyer CHOOSE his price if not free
    And finally it will allow a good chance to make new friends, new work mates and most importantly allow people to give back!

    How will this work!?

    Well this service will work quite simply actually, it will basically be a "Normal" service on the forums, this service name is still in the making, but I am heading towards the line of "The More Give Less Take Service", "The Buyer Run Service" or "The Empire Give Back Service" (Suggestions? Feel free to PM me!

    So it will be a normal service in the forums, but in the OP and the first few spaces will be reserved. The person who wants to buy something will state what he is wanting, and he will star the price he is willing to pay, and someone from the COMMUNITY will reply to his message for example and accept. So basically everyone from the community can help to get a specific order for someone, everyone can feel free to team up with someone to help get it done faster. Sure the people of the community can accept the prices and get rich, but the way im hoping this is run is that the community will reduce pricings off of what the person wants, or to gather it for free in order to give back. I myself will be helping to gather orders and will definetely be giving reduced prices / free orders.

    Another feature I want to have is that people who have items they want to get rid off can simple find me in game / PM me on the forums of the items they have that the went to let go of for FREE. As stated the first 2-4 posts of the Service will be reserved and one of these will be for the things that people have gathered they want to give away to the community!

    The final thing I want to see happen in the service is for people to be actively giving help to newcomers, for example if someone posts that they are new and would like say for example a few stacks of wood, use the initiative maybe ask if they need some basic tools, or saplings, building materials, or even a little help going and showing them around, or even helping them outside of the town and inside the wild / waste. On top of this I also would like to see people helping out other people as well, for example if you are wanting an item for example 5 diamond pickaxes, don't be afraid to also say you know as well as wanting, I am also willing to give someone for example a SC of wood or something (Example Only).

    The Outcomes?

    The outcome to this would be a very easy and laid back service to HELP everyone in the community! Whether it be for a community build, a public build, one of those awesome artistic works in the making, a farm for you and a few mates or even just a simple starter house, the benifits / outcomes would be so surreal!

    This service will also be different to many others as if all goes well no matter what timezone, or time or day it is, there will almost always be somewhere there to help out wherever possible, whether its to give someone some items, or to help someone with something. I am also not asking you do fulfill an order of for example a DC of emerald blocks for free, but I am asking that you really make an effort to maybe team up with someone, help get the emeralds and give a really discounted price that the buyer feels really comfortable about and can really help you out!

    The possibly downsides and the solutions?

    There is one main downside I as of right now can think of (Feel free to let me know any more), that is the person wanting an item made be using it to maybe scam and become really rich and selfish. The Solution? Well everyone who wants an item will just have to simply state what they are using it for. For example someone might want a stack of diamonds, and you might be wondering.. Well why would someone want a stack of Diamonds without wanting to make a profit, well they might want it for maybe a drop party, or maybe even for tools to make a public farm / grinder and they only need to say "I would really appreciate 64 Diamonds for 5,000r (again an example) and the reason being is that 24 will go towards a drop party, and the other 40 I really need for tools to make my awesome public farms!"

    Any Suggestions / your feed back / ideas!

    All feedback / constructive criticism / ideas are all GREATLY appreciated, you have no idea! I ask of you if you have an idea is to simple post it down below, however if you post below try to be as specific and ACCURATE as possible, this thread is mainly for ideas / feedback, and I do not want to be wasting multiple spaces being explained to whats going on as it could get annoying (not trying to be rude), just out of courtesy for others! If you do have an idea / suggestion that isn't very explainable feel free to PM me or find me in game! if it is to hard still feel free to skype me!

    So again I ask PLEASE give me ANY feedback, Ideas or Suggestions, they are really great inputs no matter how stupid you think they are, and they will really help this service become a reality!

    Also I ask of you to spread this word / service / post throughout the community as I want this to be the next big hit and to really help out the community!

    Thank you so much for your time!

    * Spread the post - http://bit.ly/1A5o8RO *

    Don't feel obliged to give away something for free if you don't want to also, you both need to be happy, also don't limit your giving to JUST this service! Many new players may not even KNOW how to forums work, so feel free to really help out inside of the community, challenge your self even to give maybe 2 new players everyday a really kind welcome and maybe give them a little kit of some building blocks, some wood, maybe some diamond tools (I know for many of you 1 set of diamond tools is like 1 piece of dirt, spread the generosity!*
  3. i love the idea
    i am a player that helps loads of new people out
    and i would love to see this all happen
    im certainly gonna give some items :p
  4. Awesome! That's really good to hear! And I am sure people will very likely appreciate your items! Thank's for the comment :D
  5. how can i not comment on such a great idea :p
  6. Thanks :3 XD
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  7. This is possibly one of the best, probably one of the most useful posts on the empire I've seen so far. Ever since I got back on EMC, there has been so many people helping me out and I think that it is an amazing idea to give back to the community.

    I love it!!
  8. Awesome! Thanks for the enthusiasm! :D
  9. This is a great idea :D it's nice to see people in EMC are helping out there fellow players:)
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  10. Thanks for the comment, and indeed it is! :p
    (Also could you just "Snip" the reply :3 Sorry to be a pain!)
  11. I think it's a brilliant idea! I would love to be a part of it!
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  12. Awesome! Thanks, i'm sure everyone will appreciate it!
  13. Well currentlt on my phone and giving a final bump before i make the service tomorrow! Currently 1:35am cause YOLO
  14. My Friend has started on the building and Im very exciting. If you want to check it out go to my res on smp4 8308
  15. If you want I can have her build more buildings
  16. Okay awesome :D will let you know. Currently on my phone and havnt posted the service as we have been evacuated due to extreme fire dangers of an incoming fire :3
  17. What kind of help helps the most?
    A stack of diamonds might be a great help for a very new EMC member who has years of MC experience, but those are quite rare and they would probably say: "don't bother, I like to figure it out myself, that's the game".

    I guess "how to get a stack of diamonds" would be far better help for the most of (new) EMC members.

    There are probably dozens of MC tutorials on the Net describing many ways of how to do the same thing.
    Then, there are EMC peculiarities...
    I think assembling a list of links / HOW-TOs / notes / EMC specifics would be helpful.
    I'd contribute with a tutorial about EMC economy.

    So, to get a stack of diamonds ... :)
    Q) the "quartz" way (probably the fastest):
    - get a silk touch pick and an ender chest (around 900r)
    - collect around 5 stacks of quartz ore
    - sell the ore
    - buy a stack of diamonds
    T) Transport of goods way:
    - find (smaller) shops with lower prices
    - buy stuff
    - sell to big shops with high buy-prices
    - use /vault to transport between servers
    - repeat until you can buy a stack of diamonds
    W) the farming wood way:
    - learn how to farm wood and get some saplings
    - collect around 40 stacks of logs
    - sell logs to big shops with high buy-prices
    - buy a stack of diamonds

  18. This is actually a really good idea :) If you want start a PM with me and we can work out something :D
  19. If you need Rupee donations let me know I'll give you or anything at all I'll help I'm all about giving back and will support anyone who willing to do the same thing
  20. I'll gladly donate or build for any projects in SMP4 frontier on behalf of Outpost Regen. Hobbies are small golem farms and manual tree farms. Not sure if you've selected a server yet.