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  1. Hello and welcome to the operation grid message board this is only for grid conversations dont go off topic. Our base of operations is still in construction at res 2223. If you would like to volunteer to give items/services we need:


    2.Residence(s) with one or more cobblestone generators for workers to use and then deliver to our base where we base our storage

    3.Coal for lighting the paths because no one likes creatures going all around the path

    4.Planners/Overseers , Planners will plan further advancements of the grid and if they show that they are good enough they can be promoted to Overseer, Overseer will watch over and direct workers along with supply dellivery

    5. Food growers to supply workers


    Our first order of buisness will be to repair/renovate the current grid. The model of the new paths will be in my basement at res 2223. After we have finished repairing the grid i will post our future plans. Untill then you can post a comment asking to join. To join leave a comment in the following format

    Role 1,2,3,4, or 5
    Anything else


    Thanks for reading, have a nice day.