Opening soon: Casino on smp9!

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  1. Hey guys,
    I am opening a casino on smp9 soon. And it's not on of those small, 3 dispensers with lever kind of thing. It's a big deal with several different machines/games that are very complicated and work like real casino games. Plus, you can win diamond, gold, an iron blocks, plus more fabulous prizes. I just finished the second machine today, and I plan to buil a few more tomorrow. It will be open within 2 weeks at the very most, probably less. Donators will get early access to the machines to help with demos and testing, and discounts when the casino opens. Discounts will depend on donation size. I hope to see you there soon! ;) more details will be provided here as I build more, or you can PM me. My res is 18926, but its closed now due to the redstone being ugly :p
  2. By the way: I still plan on leaving, my brother Dragoober78 will be running this for the most part. :)
  3. I'm interested
  4. ...
    Thats very descriptive.
  5. im making a casino to but im blocked atm and wont be able to work on it untill the weekend but whatevs :p