Opening of The Log Cabin Restaurant

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  1. I am proud to announce that The Log Cabin Restaurant is finally open! We serve everything from Steak to cake, and soda to Milk. We are currently located at res 647. We are open whenever Mikeguy2225, or HighJoseph2 is on, so just hit tab, or watch the chat to see whether we are open or not.
    The log cabin is completely made of wood with a hallway that leads you to the actual building.
    As you can see the seating in the building is varied, there are booths, tables, and bar seating.
    Please support us by visiting the restaurant. When we earn enough rupees we will attempt to expand into a hotel and restaurant as well. There are quite a few restaurants in SMP1, but our goal is to be the one that provides great service AND a great social circle. Come and socialize, eat great food, and have fun. Remember res 647!
  2. I'd say to have a signal when you're on...
  3. Okay good idea.
  4. I'm wondering how do you sell soda in a Minecraft restaurant.
  5. Make it a potion. Just say its soda. Its called Bait and Switch advertizing! XD
  6. Our sodas are awkward potions, so they have no effect to the player.
  7. yaoming.jpg Sodas in Minecraft...
  8. Minecraft_c258d1_1704643.jpg
  9. It's called Google, dude, Google. :p
    Also, do you sell Nuggets in a biscuit?
  10. 2 minuites wasted in my life!
  11. Corrected you. :D
  12. No
    i agree two minutes of my life wasted
  13. Looks very good, i wish you luck with your new business. I would also advise you to turn off firespread with all that timber! ;)