[Opening] 9500 Vulcan Mega Mall!

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  1. 9500 Vulcan Mega Mall smp4

    On Friday 21st March the 9500 Mall will be opening, The Mall stocks nearly every block but I have left a few as I cannot see the point of taking up more space for something that can be crafted in two seconds with the materials on sale. I like to concentrate more on the items most needed like logs, stone, ores and gems etc.

    The mall is made to benefit the community with affordable and well stocked shops. There are plenty of spaces for people to sell me items at a good price.

    The potions section will be run by Ice_Lightning99 and the enchantments section will be run by Netherworld666

    Special thanks to Ice_Lightning99, Netherworld666 and Te0dorn for helping.
    Thank you

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  2. 9500 Now open!!! :)
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  3. I bought all your haunted candy-spooky
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  4. now offering 10r if you refer someone to 9500 that actually comes PM me proof maybe a screenshot etc. only 3 per day
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  5. Good luck with your store :)
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  6. Thanks :) I dunno how you can do it with yours xD its great and always stocked :p