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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by kilmannan, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Remember Transport Tycoon?

    Well you can get it for free now at - an Open source release of the game, heavily modified and improved upon with... with... MULTIPLAYER!

    So I'm looking for some peeps to play a game (A long game!) of one of the greatest and first business management sims!
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  2. Yay! Business sim! I'm in!
  3. This has been around a while lol, I remember this :oops:
    I tried to play it once, got so frustrated lol

    In particular, watch the last half of it lol
  4. I had a game that I'd been working on for about eight years until an HD crash lost everything. :(
  5. I loved this game.

    I used to hate the AI. I would spend a fortune building up a successful route between two industries with 10+ trains. Had the route running efficiently, exceeding demand so the industries grew. Along comes the AI dumps down a tiny station with a twisty undulating route with two small out of date trains. Before the first train departs they have stolen all my business. Had to use the tactic of surrounding an industry in track to prevent new stations appearing.

    Only ever played on the standard maps. Never touched desert, alpine? or toyland.
  6. Ill see you in the game soon. I am going to set this up on my HP now. :)
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  7. SimCity brings back old memories of gaming for me :)
  8. That's why I never played with the air. The just made a mess of things!

    Let us know the details when its up twitch!
  9. Oh yes I remember SimCity hehe... I remember the AI of how houses would randomly go on fire :p
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