Open Res!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Daffy22, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. For just 12 hours my res on smp6 (12534) will be open for anyone to come and get stuff from. Everyone has build, use and container perms and there is still stuff in chests!
    Get there quick before everything is gone! :D
  2. Don't bump.
  3. why not?
  4. Just don't. Stupid idea. Makes you seem desperate.
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  5. RIP daffy's lot.
    just dont expect much to be left standing, from fire and thievery.
  6. Its an unclaimed res. I was expecting this.
  7. Type/add these flags to your residence.

  8. Me? What do they prevent? or provide?
  9. Yeah sorry guys, the parties over. There was nothing left so I just unclaimed.
  10. well that wasnt 12 hours....
  11. Griefers gonna grief
  12. No they're not, my res has been unclaimed now :p
    Can a mod close this topic now? The event is over. :)
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  13. He wants it to himself! :eek: