[OP Blacksmith] LImited time offers!

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  1. OP Blacksmith got some times too much of a specified item, so I will sell it with a discount that can be found on this thread.

    The deals may be over without any warnings*

    - Efficiency 5 - Unbreaking 3 - Silk touch 1 Diamond Pickaxes : 5000r

    - More to come ?...

    Check /v +OP to buy them! you can always send me an order if you don't feel like checking or if out of stock.
  2. can a staff edit my 'LImited' and put that maj i into a little one?
  3. Ill take 3 of the picks, ill pay when i get online tonight or tommorrow depends if my computer finishes updating stuff(which are a lot of stuff) before i go tosleep
  4. Sure, and I got them in stock at my shop /v +OP if you want to buy them directly.