OoO: The last stand

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  1. Urgent Message from Mine Command:
    Early reports indicate that the containment field of the Oblivion project has been compromised and beasts from beyond have begun swarming the compound. Bioscans show up to 60 of their ranks have permeated the barrier and are wreaking havoc on the compound and surrounding area. The project is being abandoned for the time being but important research materials are still located on-site. We need you to put together a crack team of warriors to help stem the tide and salvage anything of value from the site.

    A small contingent of forces may already have set up an operating base on the roof of the previous compound. seek refuge there if you can. Coordinates should be at -531, 9774 in the SMP1 sector. We strongly recommend use of the south hypergate to shorten the trip.

    Pack light, you never know what you'll encounter out there.

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  2. Roger that Mum. A strike team is n route
  3. so, kill the enemy combatants and secure the area with torch light to prevent reinforcements from arriving?
    so that engineers may dismantle and transport the Oblivion Project to a safer local?