Only in america...

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  2. Someone in the mail room messed up. Wonder how much he payed for the Tv because it's heck of a deal if only payed 800 or 1k. That type of gun runs between $1500 to $3500 just depends on the caliber and brand
  3. According to a video I found - It was worth 1500$ and the label fell off his TV and landed on the other one apparently..
  4. yea i can see that happening
  5. Only in America... I have a lot of confidence in UPS. I've shipped high value electronics through them for years without a mishap. There are several countries I've heard of where this never would have happened because both the TV and gun would have been "lost".
  6. That is awesome! LOL
  7. With any service your bound to Screw up every now and then the amount they ship every day.
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  8. Wow....that box looks nothing like a tv box, unless it's a new model for the annoying letterbox stuff or a Panoramic view feature. xD I also see that the gun shop didn't get his TV. Wonder who got that. Surely they'll compensate him for the mess up.
  9. It's the new TV that you can roll up like a rug! XD
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  10. You mean an Apple Organic Tv?
  11. No. I think it's called the iTV