Only Can Get On Server With My Laptop

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  1. I can get on the Server with my Dell Laptop, but not my Cybertron pc. I only get Can't connect to server. This is since yesterday, I had this problem. It worked yesterday until I got off. Tried to reconnect a few hours later, no go. I also deleted and reinstalled minecraft on my pc.
    Any help or ideas will be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time!
  2. What error messages are you getting?
  3. Can't connect to server Being a veteran I never updated, on 1.7.10
  4. try another version of 1.7
  5. Oh, also ConnectException: Connection fefused: no further information
  6. I tried all the 1.7 s and even 1.6, nothing.
  7. Are you seeing the server as being available on the server list?
  8. Do you have a firewall? Windows may be blocking the java connections...
  9. Or antivirus software (with inbuilt firewall)
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  10. Connection Refused can mean you're logged on somewhere else. Did you make sure you logged off with your laptop before trying on your other computer again?
  11. Yes, it is listed
  12. My laptop now is not using minecraft, still can't get on my pc
  13. I do have a antivirus and firewall, but its the same settings I had when it was working. I just can't figure it out.
  14. Would you seeing the launcher log help at all? Guess that might be too much info, lol?
  15. Does your PC have a static ip address?
  16. Not sure what that is.
  17. Try again with both temporary disabled. I had a suspicious connection warning appear for minecraft a few days ago, your antivirus or firewall may have automatically restricted access to the same warning.
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  18. k, I found out what happened. Yesterday I didn't delete and download a new minecraft, when I first had problems. Today with the new launcher, I added the server but put not it works now