Online Rupee Transactions?

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In-Site Rupee Transactions: Yes or no?

Yes! 19 vote(s) 82.6%
No! 1 vote(s) 4.3%
It wouldn't affect me. 2 vote(s) 8.7%
Rupees? Huh? 1 vote(s) 4.3%
  1. Yup, the title says it all. I am proposing the idea that we add a page within the 'Rupees' tab to process rupee transactions from the site, for when we can't connect in-game to do so. It would be simple, with a few fields to fill out.
    1. Amount of rupees being transferred
    2. To whom rupees are going to
    3. Reason for rupee-sending
    4. Password (incase someone leaves their account logged in on someone else's device, for example)
    So. Comments?
  2. I don't think this is a good idea, although this wouldn't affect me, as I have no rupees. It may or may not be good, I just don't specifically like this idea. We'll see what Jeremy and Justin have to say.
  3. How come?
  4. I think it's a good idea secret :D
  5. I think it's a good idea I can't see why it wouldn't be
  6. Say why not then. :)

    I think it's a solid idea. Makes sense, although it'd depend how much work was required and how much it'd actually get used.
    If it were to happen, it'd tie in nicely with sending people PM's in the Forum reminding them of any money owed, etc. It'd also make auction transactions easier as people could pay once declared the winner without going in-game.
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  7. this would be nice also it would make many transactions (derp) easier because i often use my ipod and also it means u could do after making a post about a auction or other thing where you need to pay
    we should so make an official auction forum where people used an on site transaction system so u had to have the money + items like instead of /vault /auction
  8. lol yankee your the only one who said that this is a bad idea :)
  9. I didn't say this was a bad idea, just that it didn't affect me :).
  10. yankee518 said:
    yes this is a good way to say this is a bad idea
  11. But if you continued reading, it said it would not really affect me :)
  12. I know you got me there (damn I was about to pull out my sorry cheeseball it's just nacho day card) :/
  13. :) No problem, although a nice argument :)
  14. twas we could be polititions:)
  15. *politicians, But good joke :p. Except for the fact politicians bore me. xD
  16. touche (sorry for miss spelling I just woke up (New Zealand guy) so atm blank brain)
  17. I think this will be a good idea because when you buy stuff from auctions you can just transer the money if you are not able to use a PC. And i also think this is a bad idea because IF you get banned you can transfer your money to a friend, 2nd acc ect.
  18. I think it would be a good idea for like actuions but probaly wouldnt be used for much else.
  19. You're right, but that way Justin and co. could track money transfers, then check IP's to find the second accounts quicker.
  20. That was actually what brought this idea to mind, what with all the spawner auctions.
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