One Year, WOOT! AMA and Giveway...

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Ckicken 3 vote(s) 18.8%
Pineapple 8 vote(s) 50.0%
Cats 5 vote(s) 31.3%
  1. Blue. I like the ocean.
  2. People who ask awesome questions.
  3. Blue is meh favorite color.
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  4. There's a lucky bow up for grabs, just answer the riddle on the bottom of the 1st page!
  5. What is your favorite game other then minecraft?
  6. Trapper,all are correct in the riddle:rolleyes:
    Ahh,and a question.
    Where did you hear about EMC?
  7. Statement number 9 is correct. It correctly states the other nine statements as false.
  8. Im probably wrong, but isn't the frase "This statement is false" a paradox.
    So I'll go ahead and say it applies to these sentences as well as I do not want to be here all day reading them over and over. :p
    So... They are All true and they are all false.

    If you dont understand what I mean its like this: If the statement is true, then the statement is false, as said in the statement, but if its false, then its not true, and if its not true, its not false. Over and over like that.I like paradox's. :D
  9. It could be #9 cause then everything would be wrong except 9.
  10. For the riddle #1-#5 are true. Edit: I forgot a question, what made EMC stand out to you?
  11. So was I correct?
  12. Goat Simulator!
  13. Correct! i'll send you the bow via mail (sorry for the wait).
  14. Sorry that's incorrect.

    EMC was so freakin' user friendly, and the community was super helpful.
  15. Fantastic! Thank you for the bow sir and congratulations on reaching 1 year :)
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