One of this years games that will suck my life away.

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by SillyWhiteMage, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. I'm serious.
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  2. This will be mine:

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  3. I reckon this'll be mine:

    Strictly speaking was released last year, but hey.
  4. I'm waiting for that to go down to $20 unless money magically falls into my lap.I have my priority for this year set. X: Rebirth is first,then Borderlands 2,STALKER 2(if it does come out this year),Arma 3,Far Cry 3,and Obsidian's South Park game all come before ME3.
  5. I heard its gonna have bad graphics and boring gameplay.I'm going to pass on it.
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  6. Did u just said bad things about MINECRAFT?!:mad:
  7. Well everything I said is true.
  8. Blasphemy!

  9. I looks so sexy!
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  10. Time, hurry up so I can be 17 to play this game!
  11. I've already pre-ordered my copy of this. I may never see the light of day again after it's released XD
  12. Seconded! Totally got my preorder on for the PC Collector's Edition.
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  13. Oh gosh, i downloaded Borderlands 1, and seriously? it was less than a good RPG and tried to implicate a shooter sense, but imo it was a waste of money that I could have spent on Minecraft lol
  14. Well that is your opinion and stuff.
  15. True.
    You have 513 posts, and yet you say BAD THINGS about Minecraft??
    This is outrage! Blasphemy!
    Minecraft is THE Only game that I play nowadays.
    Why? NOTHING is better than Minecraft!
  17. Minecraft barely counts as a game.It is more of just sandbox, and when it even comes down to just sandboxes. Garry's Mod is better.
  18. So you're saying that sandboxes aren't games?!