On retarded digging...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Tikiman678, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. A few minutes ago, on smp1's wilderness map, on the NE cape of the main spawn island, I realized just how badly dug the whole place around it was, after days (real ones) in the beauty of the deeper wilderness :


    and there


    Not only did I realize it, but I also fell into a lousy and unassuming 1x1 hole :mad:that was 35 blocks deep or so and (of course) died (it was right near the torch on the 2nd image, after I clogged it).

    So people, let's make our wilderness a better (and SAFER) place, and stop digging like complete selfish retards (the term here is more than appropriate I'm afraid). Creepers are already enough of a nuisance as it is, don't make things more complicated.

    N.B: I know that I many of my posts to this date talk about this topic, but it's because this is becoming a bigger problem everyday. I knew I would fall in one of those blasted holes eventually, and today was the day :mad:. (at least I managed to get some of my gear back afterwards)