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  1. Ok please help me to understand this I was banned becuase of stealing and selling a dragon egg, BUT I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! Yes I was on when I saw it was stolen but that does not mean it was me. The only dragon egg that I know of that was on display was Zabriel's and his was very well protected. Please also inform me how I would have even managed to do this, everyone on smp3 know's that Zabriel has the egg and if I were to steal it and sell it they would automatically know that it was his. I do not think this is fair AT ALL, I promise to you that I did not do anything and that EMC was one of my favorite servers I do hope that you understand that this was not me and allow me to become a part of the wonderful EMC server again.

    Thank You,
  2. You use an alt account as well. You were banned for stealing the egg and selling it under username shezzaboy.
    Also, this is not the proper method to appeal a ban.
    You need to send a message to the Moderator/Admin who banned you.
    Click their name and then Start a conversation.
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Thread Status:
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