OMG Minecraft related news

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Jeanzl2000, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Thats crazy.
  2. Wow. People, these days
  3. Exactly my thoughts
  4. Firstly, the person who made the fake call probley wont get in much trouble cause he is most likely a minor. A slap on the wrist and told "dont do it again" is all he will get.
  5. Holy space shuttles. That's one crazy 12-year-old!
  6. ok WOW and this is weird "swating". I mean its just like why. Do you get a laugh out of setting up a fake murder and having the police kick someones door down? This guy is just a little to into minecraft. I hope he's not on our server.......... Jeanz watch out u might be next.
  7. Lol, I remember when this happened (Notice the date stamp)

    Sorry to be a downer it was funny- but Old news
  8. That is scary. O_O