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  1. I Just met Honeydew and Xephos on another server and i cant post a screenshot idk how help. I dont know where to get the link when it says insert image:(
  2. Go to an image sharing site, put the picture on there, copy the adress bar while looking at the picture, and there you go. Or at least that is how I do it.
  3. Which website do u use gimme a link
  4. Your can click upload a file and upload it directly.
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  5. Wow, that's kind of hard to believe (If it's true, I AM SO JEALOUS! >:O Sorry for the caps). You said another server, right? If so, what server is it? I want another server to play in, since The Empire is always full. :(
  6. this mught be better off in a private msg since you aren't allowed advertise other servers

    p.s. i'm talking about the server address i still wouldn't mind seeing the screenshot if you can get it working
  7. Doesnt matter im banned lol
  8. y u banned
  9. Why are you banned? What did you do? Is it permanent???:(
  10. Ya its permanent. It like for trying to set up other players to get banned with false or some thing like that :(
  11. Oh. But did you try to do it? Or did they think it was you?
  12. Well i got banned for 2 days at first then it was a permanant ban. The kid kept on begging me for diamond he was begging and begging. And he said [redacted] for some. And i wanted the diamond back. And i said or else so they thought i was black mailing
  13. Oh. I really have no say in this because I wasn't there. When did this happen, how long ago???
  14. Hmm i would guess a week ago
  15. Well I didn't see you on. How long have you been on the server altogether and have you experience something like that before?
  16. Anyone who is banned is allowed to make an appeal. This does not guarantee that your permanent ban will be revoked, it is just an opportunity to tell your side of the story. If a member of the staff takes the route of banning an individual for any amount of time, it is for a justified reason.
    All staff members must be able to provide reasoning and proof for why they chose to enact a form of punishment on an individual. If a staff member were to enact a method of punishment for the simple principle of "I have the power" without just cause, they themselves would be permanently banned from the community as well.

    Understand, all actions taken are done so on a basis of fact, not opinion. If anyone commits an act that warrants punishment, it will be handled without personal bias. All members are treated equally here under the rules we follow. No one is above them. Regardless if you are a Member, Supporter or Staff, you will be punished accordingly for committing an act against the rules set forth in the Empire Guide.
  17. For about a month i was on the server. And i lived on Smp1
  18. This is true. I once used all caps by accident and proceeded to kick myself from the game. I forget who, but there were witnesses, lol.
  19. Lol a staff breaking his own rules XD
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