Omg Iron Golem

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  2. I was just playing on it xD
  3. Wow this mob looks great, cant wait to see it ingame.
  4. YAY! This will be SOOO helpful to defend castles!
  5. Yes they have iron golems! :D Will be an awesome defense system don't you think? And easy enough to make them if you have enough iron :p

    Oh, and the new stairs change is awesome. Being able to place them upside down will be so aesthetically pleasing for me xD
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  6. ooh nice, yeah agreed hayleycolgan. That'll help me design my roof :p
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  7. I've been waiting ages for upside-down stairs... Now we need upside-down slabs too :(
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  8. Jeb's already made them. They come with the next release or snapshot, whichever comes first.
  9. They are in snapshot 8. Cool video at macinima youtube.
  10. The fact that the Golems are a testament to the Studio Ghibli film Castle in the Sky is EPIC.
  11. Cool !! yay! iron farming XD
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  12. That is exactly what I was thinking actually XD
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  13. I cant wait until it is accually released!
  14. Pity they don't drop xp when they kill. Imagine leaving one in a dungeon.
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  15. Wow anybody know when the 1.2 update is officaly released?
  16. ikr, iron golems will be AWESOME. Now lets fill the ender demension with them and watch em kill the dragon
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  17. I've played with them yesterday, mobs don't attack them unless the golems attack first, and to build them the pumpkin must be placed after the body is complete.
  18. Im pretty sure these are considered monsters/mobs, meaning they will be disabled in town probably
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  19. Well, I think that they might be considered animals also, so you might be able to make them in Town. Is it possible to make snow golems in town?? If it is, then it should also be possible to make iron golems.