OMG I love EMC

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  1. I know this must be dinosaur news for most of you but I just found out (I actually found it thanks to two nice players from SMP1) JustinGuy's secret place and the mere idea of having a secret hideout a lil bit hard to find, like... a little easter egg or something for us to find, made me so happy... You can't imagine xD

    This is a very speciall community and I'm glad I joined. I like how people here get on rough yet interesting arguments and stay polite, how there's so much creativity flowing around and how you help each other out when needed, it really makes up for the griefers, the beggars and any other bad stuff that you can find in any server. Here it doesn't really matter because you people are great!

    I know you might think I'm easy to please and get excited about silly things, but really... it's just the "atmosphere", the intention behind... I'm lovin' it :p

    EDIT: LOL now I see it wasn't so hard to find but I did the tour the wrong way xDD Still, pretty awesome.

    EDIT2: KYAAAAAAA! I just found the teleport to the sky xDDDDDDDD Just think of a 26 old silly girl laughing like mad at the computer, watching my avatar fall once and again and again xD I need serious help.
  2. Welcome to the Empire, in my opinion the greatest Minecraft community out there. :) I'm on smp2 btw
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  3. Thanks a lot ^_^ I've been a while around, being a bit picky in some threads hehe. I started in SMP9 but I recently moved to SMP1 because I wanted a res with an easy number to be able to remember it xD I visited SMP2 and it looks great too.
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  4. Maybe you'll see me round on smp1, I hang around there :)
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  5. I hang around smp2 and the forums ... Yet i stop by random smps sometime too ...
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  6. I love JustinGuy's res :p
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  7. there is a also a tutorial 'viewing' area where you can watch players go through it. :p
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  8. I've got a video of me watching a guy fail a heap xP
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  9. Your thoughts are the same among about 99.5% of the members here. :)
  10. XD That's got to be so funny, I'll be expecting new players from now on.
  11. Really? where? :)