Omg! HELP! Monumentus and Marlix are both outside the cave I'm hiding in! Help!

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  1. Omg! HELP! Monumentus and Marlix are both outside the cave I'm hiding in! Help! Coordinates are on screenshot. I'm on Smp1 server! Help!

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  2. Ouch. Good luck with that. If they're still there in 8 hours I can come and help. How far out are you? Wastelands or frontier?
  3. yeah i cant help till im off work, if you keep your distance momentus wont be a problem and marlix usually flys away
  4. Wasteland Wilderness far out in the North west area.

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  5. *Glances at watch* I can pop over and attempt to help in about six hours. :)
  6. i can help in about an hour
    need to go to the doctor first :/
  7. ahah whats the coords i got about 20 mins
  8. Oh cool momentus !, marlix i still dont get killed.

    well make sure you first sleep in your cave. in case you die the distance is short.
    put all things you dont need in a chest. voters armor is in this cases very usefull.
    And to kill momentus im dying always a few times.
    would be intressting to attack momentus in a group.
  9. I believe with the EMC difficulty settings you can set it so that minibosses dont auto attack. So if you set it at say, 3; you should be able to walk right by them. I may be wrong though, as I've never had mine that low..

    EDIT: Just confirmed it in game, at difficulty 7 and higher they auto attack, so just set yours lower than that and you should be fine :)
  10. But at level 3 you dont get nice goodies ;)
    Still like to kill momentus.
  11. he's not trying to collect, he's trying to not die.
  12. anyway
    the marlix and the momentus are both dead now :p
  13. Not anymore. They're both dead. Daguman and epic got 'em.

    EDIT: Ninja'd. :p Was afking on forums for a bit.
  14. Yeah shout out to you epic0258 and havioxs for helping me kill them :D If you guys ever need a favor, then don't be shy to ask me! You have my bow and sword! Keep looking for my post because I have been running into to them quite often as of late. I may up my level to 7 or 8 too before fighting them. ;)
  15. I once got trolled by Marlix :/
  16. I usually just stay away and go do something else.
  17. Lucky!! I have never even seen either of those!!
  18. #super rare for both to spawn at once! great job :D
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