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  1. Just had a 3 and a half hour conversation with someone on there. Pretty epic stuff. After it ended, I said to myself " and now that's a conversation my friends". We went from just about every topic there was from Rick rolls to history to coding to music to politics to food to generation stuff and literally everything. Good night people and good morning to those waking up on the other side of the world.
  2. Luckyy
    Whenever I try it, it's usually just a legal way people have found to show me their birthday suits
  3. I have had some amazing conversations on omegle, one person actually mentioned EMC one time.
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  4. Birthday suits? Lol then you must run into the weird crowd of Omegle alot.
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  5. I just mess with people on Omegle. It's fun.
  6. Not quite sure it's legal, haha. Just less likely to get caught.
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  7. That my friends is why I don't go around video chatting random people. I am pretty sure it is not legal in any way.
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  8. i never, have ever been able to find someone who will talk... the first thing that comes up is asl... its freaking annoying, then they just ask if i want some. like, no, go away. grow up.
  9. Sorry if I sound like a newb...
    But what's Omegle?
    I've heard of it somewhere...Is it a video chat, or chat room?
  10. Omegle is a website where you are paired up with a random stranger to chat with. The anonymity of the service will often bring out some great creativity and bizarre behavior.
  11. I tried to be as suttle as possible lol
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  12. Omegle is a place where innocence goes to die, I believe.
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  13. Meh, I only use it at night when I'm about to go to sleep. It's not a website you want to use during the day unless your very bored.
  14. Oh gosh...