Olympic Rings

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  1. minecraftolympic.jpg
    How I'm celebrating the Olympics :)
    Definately not centered by any means, but hey, it's only temporary anyways :)
    Res #3676 on smp2
  2. honestly i dont like the olympics at all but i like the pixel art
  3. Ha, thanks. Honestly it's my first attempt at anything pixel artish I guess.
  4. need to delete the dirt though
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  5. Whoops, haha, forgot about that. Thanks mate!
  6. There's actually no dirt! It looks like it in between the rings, but that's actually just the weird sun angle. If you're talking about the pillars up to the rings, those are actually fences which is how I'm "holding up" the rings :)
  7. Aren't the rings a little bit to the left..?
  8. Yep, I did it, realized it too late, and figured it's just temporary so who cares? Haha, I'm just too lazy :)