Old Town!

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by DamianS633, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. 2012-04-06_16.18.38.png 2012-04-07_00.15.16.png 2012-04-07_00.15.26.png 2012-04-07_00.15.33.png 2012-04-07_00.15.40.png 2012-04-07_00.15.54.png 2012-04-07_00.16.04.png 2012-04-07_00.16.14.png So I created an Old Town (not finished)

    If you want to you can take a look at 9451 in SMP4

    Some screenshots :

    The market is an idea from Blckstn!

    The Town has got some changes so please take a look
  2. Nice looks good do you want any funding for this project?
  3. Looking good