Old town?

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  1. So i made some buildings on the server but what can i create to make it better?

    Made this so far:
    2012-04-06_10.22.15.png 2012-04-06_10.22.38.png 2012-04-06_10.22.50.png 2012-04-06_10.22.55.png 2012-04-06_10.23.20.png
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  2. nice, which server you on? come take at look at my smp2 at 3153, feel free to take any screenshots you like, just make sure im credited :)
  3. Im on SMP4 9451
  4. add a small farm and a barn filled with cows :)
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  5. Thats a really good idea Thanks!
  6. Please help me!
  7. Just go from basic needs of the people who live in such a village. As you expand you can go from basic needs to desires. If you recall the Anno games or similar games you will get good ideas of buildings, though I cant tell how much u can fit on 1 res.

    Things I could think about:

    Food: Water (Fountain); If you have a windmill u need a field with wheat, meat u will obtain from your cow farm (You have most of this already)
    Buildings: Market, Church, Houses for prople to live in, aso.

    Also you could add some terrain such as a river. :)

    Greetz Hasorko
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  8. Thanks for the idea im now building a church :D
  9. People I really need money to build a New Church. so any tips?
  10. Well there are several ways...

    Buying rupee
    - Using referal bonus/ supporter perks/ Vote bonus (http://empireminecraft.com/rupees/)
    - Opening a WELL thought through shop
    - Mining -> selling to other shops (Talk to the shop owner you might get better prizes for items he is out alot like Netherbrick and Soulsand which is usually cheap but out of stock in many shops. Make the shop keeper think if his prizes are high enough and maybe you get better buy prizes)
    - Working for other people (Make sure to make a good deal before you start and screenshot the agreement so you dont get scamed)

    Alway check if the work you put into getting some rupee is about the same it would take you to farm the materials for your church.

    So far have fun getting your project done :)

    Greetz Hasorko
  11. You should add some villagers! Villagers won't wander away like animals do, as long as there's a house nearby with a door.
  12. Cool will have to check this out. Also what texture pack are you using?