Old Timer Event Of Epicness!

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  1. My Story : A whole year ago, I joined on April 21, 2014, to help a friend out by digging dirt. That friend was nmb2014, and later on Meghouse. After awhile, however, I began to learn about the Emc exclusive items and mobs, and that is when I really got hooked on EMC. From November to January, however I was completely inactive, unless I was getting promos. I lost one of my residences from derelictness, and lost two 131 speed horses, three full sets of 2014 christmas promos, and a rudolph. The nice people of SMP9 donated to me another 131 speed horse, and a set of 2014 christmas promos, which is the one of the only reasons I'm still on today, the other being Brooke1965 talked me into reuniting with my old friends. I've met so many friends along the way, such as: GRE4T3R, nickohm16, Moemaczap, nmb2014, Meghouse, kenpropstl1, cubbies1, havioxs, Tough_Kitten, Brooke1965, jemartist13, Piggy_Mama, Sweetmotherbunny, gianluca99star, Platinum_Edge, Twinkett, aus666, Fairymarie23, Rainbowpony1000, Piggyunicorn04, and that's just the ones off the top of my head.

    Special Thanks: To All Plasma Inc. Members, for they are my bests friends, along with the golden friends on my roof who have helped me out the most.

    Ok So What Do I Get From This Event?: Well, there are going to be a few things at this event, which will take place on April 20th, 2015, at 7 EMC Time. Firstly, there will be a drop party consisting of promos and rares, and books saying that you have won ruppees. Donation hoppers are at my residence for any one who feels generous to anyone who shows up. Then, there will be another party at PLASMALAND! Which is on my 2nd residence. There I will host a round of firefloor, which the prize is will be a ruppee figure, depending on how many people show up for it. I hope you can make it! -PlasmaBanana
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  3. Lol, does any one know how to do the vote thing so I know how many people are coming?
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  5. I donated 2 of my finest sand vouchers. I mailed them to you.
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  6. Thanks :D
  7. I think this event will be awesome :) 1+
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