Old endertopia????

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  1. What the wold has happened to the old endertopia? Did the mods have a grief party? you all could of left the exit portal at least.
  2. Ikr on utopia im stuck there also!
  3. There was a time where there was no protection on it and everyone came and left via the glass bridge back to the main island with the "Dragon End Portal" to leave. That is still there and works. :)
  4. But why get rid of endertopia? Its a good back up if there are to many people at the new one. makes no sense to remove it with no warning:(
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  5. Ah, good times.
    I remember when R0bbie, Nick, Tinker and I were going on a mining trip, but Nick got trapped in this endertopia. R0bbie got Alex to show him the portal (Which he was 30 blocks away from :rolleyes:)
  6. We had signs there for about a month letting people know of the change. We essentially were just trading locations of the Endertopias, so while the items were a bit different (quartz vs. stonebrick to make it look nice), we weren't creating new items to create the new Endertopia 2.0, just improving what was already created.
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