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  1. Hi, I'm RoseWolfie! Technically I've been on the empire for over 100 days, but I haven't posted anything to the forums or really used the site much. Silly of me, right? Haha anyways, you can usually find me on smp8 between 9pm and 1-4am every night. Which means I love to stay up late, but I don't get to see many of you guys online that late. Most Saturday's I'm on all day though, either on the empire or a few other servers.

    So, what about me personally? Well, I'm a girl, I have a YouTube channel (my first and only video so far was on the empire server) and I love helping people. Ask me anything about Minecraft or the server and I'll be glad to help, either directly or by suggesting someone who can. And I'm always looking for something to do, whether it be help build or just going on a mining trip, or maybe I can be your guardian on an adventure through the frontier or wasteland!

    Let's see, I love animals, especially horses. (fun fact, the highest a Minecraft horse can jump is 5 blocks) I love wolves too! My favorite color is sky blue, and my favorite flowers are roses and orchids.

    Well, that's about it. If you guys want to hang out or need help, I'll be glad to hear from you!

    Have a wonderful day!

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  2. A warm welcome to both EMC and the forums, sounds like you're enjoying it, you're fitting right in! Have fun :)
  3. Hi RoseWolfie. Welcome to the Empire. :) Glad to hear you are having fun and enjoying it here. ;)
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  4. Welcome to EMC. smp4 rules
  5. Welcome to EMC. smp1 rules* :p
  6. Hahaha, smp8 rules* =)
  7. Hi Rosewolfie.
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