Olaf' Wool Supply Co (Help Fund Good Samaritan 2.0).

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  1. As part of my plan to take over EMC and ruin the economy I am not starting a cheap supply company. I only supply one thing but my prices are better than everyone. Any color of wool starts at 30r a stack and discounts can be arranged for orders that are 2 DC's or over. To order wool state it on the threads.

    Wool Color
    Amount of stacks or Number of DC's

    I just supply wool and this is just an extra outlet of cash. All profits go to the "The Good Samaritan Award 2.0". I know this seems pointless but this will help a lot with funds. 2 million in funds will be needed. I plan to supply more things soon.
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  2. Any idea of what you might supply soon? Might order depending on what comes next :)
  3. Emeralds, Glowstone, Paper, anything that is food, iron, gold, armors, enchants, coal, dirt (i know what you are thinking, how can you supply such a rare item :p), and redstone. I probably left out a few things.
  4. I will use this when i get back on more. ;)
  5. Once I start supplying these items I will post a better thread and list prices for these items.
  6. NetherSpecter
    3 DCs
    Anytime you can get them to me
  7. I will get them to you ASAP.
  8. I've set up chests for you at 18646 on SMP9, 4860r Coming your way!
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  9. IGN: xHaro_Der
    Wool Color: Blue
    Amount of stacks or Number of DC's: 1 DC
    Deadline: ASAP
  10. I am busy tonight but I will start and most likely finish tomorrow.
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