Ok, since 1.2 is come out..

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  1. Will the res reclaim be put on hold? And if A reset will be needed, will it also be on hold?
  2. I am not going to put the res reclaim on hold, people were warned about this on the front page of the site for months. Plus it is not going to take 10 days to update :)
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  3. Ok, It WON'T take ten days for bukkit to update? Oh thank god..... What about the wild reset?
  4. Stay strong on this. :)
    I am out policing all of the "Send me a .jar" "here is the media file link" posts/requests to avoid the legal issues it holds for us here. I would not like to see EMC suffer for the ignorance of players who do not backup their files and do not read their EULAs...
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  5. I updated, since I love to mess around with the new updates but as long as my res is not gone, that's all I need. :)
  6. if the wild is being reset i want a fair warning about it and i want money back for my locked chest
  7. IF the wild would need to be reset, of course everyone will receive ample notice.. However, if they are as observant about the hypothetical "WILD RESET IMMINENT" as they are about the DO NOT UPDATE messages, we are still going to get flooded with nonsense posts about how they want their money or belongings replaced...
    We can't please everyone and we wont hurt ourselves trying.
  8. wait wait wait wait.... The ENTIRE wild is being reset? >.< me and kephras worked on something for weeks. its going to be reset now?
  9. No one said that. I said IF the wild would need to be reset, of course everyone will receive ample notice..
    If is not a definitive term! I was trying to avoid this conversation. Please, do not go out and cause a panic on this....
  10. Sorry, I meant IF you DO, is there anyway you can save that little plot of land, and edit it in after? I remember doing that on Terraria. :p
  11. To late...

    Also, it seems seeds don't work anymore? :confused:
  12. Why?
  13. I don't work for Mojang, but Jeb did say to BACKUP your saves... This is computer 101 here folks...

    If you choose not to save and backup your file system, you are the only one to blame when your computer gets wiped out and you lose all your precious documents. Just FYI.

    Highly unlikely.. Justin will be able to better answer your question, but I can tell you I doubt it will happen if we do in fact fall into the dreaded Wild reset category..
  14. well cya 1k
  15. Its only 1k, You're a diamond supporter, you will get that right back in a jiffy. don't mope about a CHEST.