Ok now THIS annoys me greatly...

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  1. Why does some yokel DIG DOWN to a FREAKING LAVA pit I have NO IDEA that's there! and I fall in a hole, NOTHING I can do about it and watch as I get CLOSER to LAVA! If you DUG YOURSELF to death, GO BACK and COVER it PULEEZE! (cuz that's what I'm precisely going to do!!!!)

    no it wasn't a griefer, they wouldn't have any advantage anyway.
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  2. ur title is inappropriate...
    but some griefers will do this to get this reaction a ghast griefed me before and i just watched as the last hour and a half was about to disappear:(
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  3. I understand that you are mad about whatever just happened, but try to use some grammar and spelling so the rest of us can actually understand what you are saying. The caps weren't necessary either.
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  4. Just means I need to walk over a billion blocks :p I didn't lose anything, so that's not the problem.
  5. How can you fall in and not lose items?
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  6. So, you decided to make a post raging over your death, and you didn't lose anything...

    *EDIT* Also, I don't think a billion blocks have been discovered yet.
  7. Why rage when you didnt lose anything? I dont get why you rage over your death and not losing anything?
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  8. Obviously this was a pointless post for attention,
    Atleast thats how i see it
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  9. I hate it when I die and lose nothing!!!!!
  10. Lock?
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  11. NO ONE can do anything.this was completely your own fault.you didn't watch where you going.Also your probably gonna get in some crap because of your title.have a nice day :)
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  12. i could understand it pretty well, can u see ok?
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  13. and if you didnt lose anything you musnt have died that far from spawn because you had no food
  14. Panda is right. He really knows what he is talking about.
  15. I get where you're coming from dude. So many times I've almost fallen in a a one block hole of death. It would suck to fall with a whole inv of stuff D:
  16. That's why you pay attention to where you are going :p
  17. Hmm i lost Sharpness I sword, Infinity Bow, diamond shovel and 20stacks of glass when i got a good ole creeper hug . my reaction was ":mad:" but then was Owell it happens back to work lol
  18. me being a dork:
    area of a circle:πr^2
    π*(5000^2)*64=5,026,496,000 blocks discovered
    ....of blocks..world

    yet again, im a dork
  19. She*

    I remembered this from the Minecraft humor post. thought it fit :)
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