Ok, I draw the line now...

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  1. As we all know, Miley Cirrus(Dont care if thats spelled wrong) has covered Smells like teen spirt and a few other songs. Glee has been alienating young girls by covering classic rock and pop and ending up making them think THEY made the song but I draw the line at this...

    The Beatles, are classic, and NO ONE really needs people to cover them (Manley because their works are now on Itunes.) But If your going to cover them, you should AT LEST know something about the band... (Sure, he MIGHT know something about The Beatles but if you ask me, his agent just said "Hey! Cover Let it be by The Beatles!)
  2. I've never been on the whole "hate on Bieber" fanclub because it's cool to do so. Also, while it's not my music of choice, I think that all of songs for the most part sounds good for what they are.

    However, based on this video, assuming it's recent, he might need to take a break. You can hear him going through puberty while he's singing.
  3. I'm not on the whole hate on him thing, but this is just dumb.
  4. If Justin Bieber is covering the Beatles, the it makes me want to slap the kid in the face. It's like Journey playing a Rolling Stones song; it just doesn't work.
  5. Yeah, if he stops with this, I'm ok, but if he goes on to cover each of their songs, I'm moving to Mars.
  6. Will you please wait to watch the nationally broadcasted video of me slapping him in the face before you move to Mars? ROFL ROFL ROFL
  7. At least he is acknowledging that it is a cover.I've swear I've seen some covers lately where the musicians are claiming the songs are theirs.
  8. Why am I not surprised by the above statement?
  9. I don't like his music, but it doesn't stop me from stating facts.
  10. Not that anything would stop you anyways :p
  11. She is a AI. If Glee starts covering The Beatles, the world would have failed. Why?


    That, is what I will be hearing at school and two of them are dead.
  12. I'd find it funny if Glee attempted to do covers of most of the music I listen to.
  13. I didn't know A.I. listened to music...
  14. The more you know.