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  1. Hello, and welcome to my business. Soon, at a disclosed date, I will start up a redstoning business. This will include doors, farms, and many other things, including TNT Cannons (Which i am only selling to diamond supporters, and I am saying now that I take no responsibility in the destruction caused, and you are fully liable to the damage caused to others.) The list of services provided will increase in time.

    Now, without further waiting, let us discuss pricing.

    Prices may fluctuate in time.
    Do not forget, that if materials are supplied, prices are 50% off.

    Piston Door; 2x2= 400R
    Redstone Auto Harvester= 2000R
    Chicken Auto Multiplier= 2000R
    TnT Cannons (Only sold to Diamond Supporters, and you take liability in destruction caused.)
    Classic= 150r
    Scorpion Cannon (Duel Shot TnT Cannon) 300r
    Spider Cannon (Shotgun Blast) 1000r

    In time i will make descriptions for each of these.
    The business has not started up yet, but we will accept pre-orders. (DO NOT PAY, UNTIL I CONFIRM THE DEAL.
    The piston door is a basic 2x2 sticky piston door.
    Materials required:
    32 Redstone dust
    2 Redstone Torches
    4 Pressure Plates
    4 of Door Material.
    4 Sticky Pistons

    When ordering a piston door, please specify what you want the door made out of.

    This is a basic redstone auto farm. It runs via pulling a lever, which floods a field filled with crops.
    Materials Required
    12 Pistons
    64 Redstone Dust
    32 Repeaters
    10 Water Buckets
    24 Redstone Torches.

    The chicken auto multiplayer works through a hopper net supplying eggs to a dispenser gradually being fired via a redstone clock. They have to be killed manually however.
    64 Hoppers
    1 Chicken Spawner Egg
    1 Redstone Torch
    1 Dispenser
    1 Redstone Comparator
    3 Redstone Repeaters
    20 Redstone Dust
    128 of any block.
    Specify which block you want the pen to be made out of in your order.

    The spider TnT cannon is dispenser cannon that along with a normal propellent system for a TnT cannon, has a dispenser powered by a comparator turned on and off by a interrupter system,
    14x Redstone Repeaters
    6 Dispensers
    64 Redstone Dust
    1 Sticky Piston
    2 Redstone Comparators
    Building Material (Wool unless told otherwise.)

    Residence: (If in wild, PM me coordinates.)
    Package Ordered:
    Are you supplying materials?:
    Block used for building (Only fill in if you supply materials, otherwise it will be wool.):

    After i notice your order, and tell you that it has started, I will begin building. Also, I need temporary build/use perms to build the mechanism (only in town)
  2. I might order a Piston door later today.
  3. I get home from football practice at 4:30 PST, so at about 5:00 ill be able to play, because of homework.