Oh, your shiny Arceus is TOTALLY Legit! and Shuckle the Legend killer

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  1. Today, I am here to tell you guys a story. About an anonymous pokemon hacker. so here we go....
    (I hope this is in the right forum, its a bout a different game and a story... :P)
    About 2 or 3 days ago, I was doing my daily Battle Spot, and this person came up, and when I saw his team i was like ERMAHGHERD HE USES LEGENS LOL
    And then the battle started.
    His mew and darkrai sweeped most of my team, but then IT came out.
    The Arceus.
    The moveset: Recover (oh no you didnt) Shadow claw, Judgement (Don judge meh brah) and Fly (now you can tell it's hacked... :p)
    I had my shuckle use toxic, and got it off on the second try, then he used fly. I was like ER MAH GURD PL0X explain that to me, flying arceus?! It gave me an opportunity to get a substitute off, and his fly didn't destroy my substitute. I had low HP, so i decided to rest.Then the judgement took my substitute out. He flew again and got rid of 1 turn of sleep. Then he came down, i was still sleeping and he used judgment. I TOOK IT LIKE A BOSS BRAH. but i still had to rest afterwards. The toxic damage was getting pretty bad on him, so there it was. The most ANNOYING move ever. recover. I was like OH MAI GAHD NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I kept sleeping while the toxic damage kept diminishing his health down. He recovered again, but the toxic damage did a lot this time, taking him out after I got a infestation off. I finally finished the battle! A HAPPY VICTORY FOR ME.
    Hope you guys liked my story, bai.
  2. ...About half of this sounds like someone who is addicted to caps/spam. On-topic: sounds fun? :/
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