Oh... Well that's new!

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  1. Auto reset zones actually working now? :D On SMP2

    Sorry if there was already a thread about this.
  2. It just makes me want to cry! :')

    And what happened if you disconnected under there....

    Player died from block suffocation
    nfell2009 posted about it! :D
  3. This is amazing, Utopia spawn also looks so clean :D
  4. There's an upside and a downside to this:
    Upside: Yay, the periodically reset areas are finally working again :D
    Downside: The way there's sand, and then grass, it looks ugly from the live-map.

    EDIT: Smp3 hasn't been done, and it would be useless anyway - the warzone spreads out of the PRA.
  5. Good, now getting from spawn to grinder isn't like being in a war :D
  6. In a few days it will be.
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  7. Pfft, the negatives are tiny, this is so great!

    Nah maybe a month lol