Oh noes, i'm a spambot!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by synth_apparition, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. So, I just checked the highest posting members...
  2. wow. good luck beating my pet pig though :D
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  3. how to check that?
  4. lolwut?
  5. That's me there :D
  6. I overtook bobthetomato and i'm now the weakest of the spambots.
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  7. I'm 6th, still trying to catch up with legit!;)
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  8. Who's that? _5tads_?

    What is he doing here?
  9. Allow me to do that. :)
  10. You need to beat Justin first :)
  11. Being on high posting means your not spambot just tells you that your very active on the forums. Don't get me wrong there are some spambots out there. Also I didn't know I was up there until mark or iamsaj told me I was up there. :)
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  12. Haha, I told you, but than 1 hour later Saj kicked you of it.... lol
  13. It was something like that. The convo about that was on my wall it quiet funny :D
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  14. I'm not a spambot D:
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  15. How do u check who's the highest posting? -_-
  16. On the member tab, down right.
  17. Oh no, I am a Spambot - let me go create a thread on it XD
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  18. I used to be in second place...
  19. Then you took an arrow to the knee?