Oh no, it's happening again......

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  1. Well, i went back to the Podiatrist today, and the nail i got removed is now ingrown again. We'll try many methods to get the nail to grow out, but as a last resort, the nail will be removed again, and the roots will be killed. And the nail will go away. permanently. :(

    Just more stress in my life :3
  2. Nice to know. Hope life gets better.
  3. Uhm.. Wait... You got a nail in your hand.. Right? And then you "remove the nail."
    And it's ingrown? Does that mean it magically regrowed? :O
  4. It's my toenail.
    And ingrown means the nails GROWS and DIGS INTO the skin of the toe, causing pain and infections
  5. Ooh.. Ouch, well.. Good luck.. D:
  6. my hair will do that in my eyebrows D:
  7. Here's a trick. Cut your nails every week..
  8. I am suddenly scared of not cutting my nails.
  9. That doesn't sound good at all. I do hope all goes well!
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