Oh, Mojang...

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  1. Amazon's servers are down.
    Minecraft's servers are hosted by Amazon, so skins, session, website and login are down. Even Mojang can't tell when they'll be back up, but Amazon has several teams on the job. Once it's fixed, there'll probably will be errors like this every few hours for 24 hours.

    This also effects Reddit :D
  2. Oh how glorious are our lives?

    Im still on :p
  3. :mad:
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  4. :cool:
  5. I literally finished my grinder seconds before my java crashed and when I tried to log minecraft.net was down.
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  6. I work for another cloud company... not Amazon luckily. I imagine they are having quite the busy day over there LOL
  7. I feel like giving a reaction in a foreign language so... Do Not Want!! (English Translation: No!)
  8. mojang y u use amazon?!?!?
  9. In this instance, I don't have problem with Amazon or other "cloud" providers. This just keeps the old adage true. Mojang should not have put "all of it's eggs in one basket".
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  10. Well your options are pretty much Amazon or Akamai these days. Pretty sure Amazon is the cheaper of the two.
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  11. There are other cloud providers besides AWS... and Akamai does CDN, they don't do servers do they?
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  12. *sigh* No MineCraft for me :(
  13. Dang! Can EMC at least crack the server so we can play until this lame downtime is over?
  14. are you that much of an addict that you can't chill for a bit? i mean i'm a pretty degenerate addict when it comes to minecraft but i can always switch over to playing Call of Duty for a bit while this gets sorted. besides, this could be days before they get this back up. it's AWS after all.
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  15. Why do I go to some hotel site when I try to go on minecraft.net?
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  17. heyyy! REDDIT IS BACK UP, and Pinterest...! So MC should be up soon as well.
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