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  1. okay so in case some of you didnt know im 14 i ll turn 15 next months that means i closed my 8 th year in school this very day, i have passed EVERY class so i can go on, i just want to share my happyness with you guys n girls

    *shakes hand with guys, hugs girls*
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  2. That's great! :) Good luck with your future studies. :)
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  3. thanks man, i ll be a bricklayer i hope i ll be a great one
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  4. Congratulations! :) You're about the same age as me then, accept I live in the UK and i'm in year 10, which I guess is equivalent to 8th/9th grade. I have done all my GCSE exams for this year, however I have till wait to late august to get my results! :eek:
  5. wishin ye good luck also ig to the results and im suprized the grammars teacher led me pass i already had a slinghsot in my backpack(just for nostalgia i brought it with me)
  6. looks like u got me the good luck, i got the sresults saying i can start there in september
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