Oh is that all?

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  1. It's been a few days.. :cool:

  2. There goes the special feeling of being a year old on EMC...
    Congratz! :p
  3. Congrats! :D

    700 days, thats... a while.
  4. Someone needs to start voting. =P Yes, 104 days is a long time.
  5. Congrats Jim! :D
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  6. Yeeeee Jim! 700 days!
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  7. I plead the fifth.
  8. Happy 700th Jimmy! :D Of course you came to smp7 :p ;) :p *hehe get it 700 >>> 7 same number kinda*
  9. Only 199 Days more than me not a biggy :p
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  10. Well that was September 15 2011. That was just the first logged day. I believe my first day was really somewhere around 816 days ago.
  11. haha wow :p

    My post was ment to be a "joke" :p
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  12. Hmm... I thought 500 days was a lot, but I guess I was wrong :p
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  13. And 350 of those days he was Afk on a Smp :p Congrats on 700 days Jim
  14. Oh wow Congratz. You are IcC Alt right? From what other people have told me..
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  15. ^ that :p
    who ever told you that should probably find out the truth before saying false things first. Jim and Jeremy are two very different people... lol
  16. I don't feel special for being over 600 days old anymore :(
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  17. I think you are confusing GameKribJeremy with Jim...
  18. Congrats Jim! 700 days on EMC that's a long time...
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  19. ur old n smells
  20. That's the first thing I thought, too. :p