Oh, hello there =)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Succu, May 11, 2012.

  1. I'm Succu.
    Sorta new around here, playing on smp4 and just wanted to say hello to everyone =)
    I'm from SoCal and I love gaming. LOL- guess there's not much else to say =)
  2. Welcome! How did you hear about EMC? I am also on smp4 (8017) What res are you?
  3. I'm 9268 =) I actually found emc by stumbling across a hunger games server on reddit and then started looking at what other servers were available, lol. My fiance has an account too, but decided he doesn't like the 'safe zone' lol
  4. Welcome to the Empire!! Don't worry, we have plenty of danger in the wild. Just go out far and cut yourself off from society. It gets pretty fun.
  5. yeah- no I love it! lol he's just a downer ^_~ I'm loving the tp system too =)
  6. Welcome to EMC! And i'm also located in smp4 :p My res # is 8221.
    Come visit! :D