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  1. Hiya hi,

    I've been off and on EMC for a couple weeks now, but now that I am starting to play here primarily figured I would come and introduce myself!

    A bit about me:
    - been playing minecraft since alpha off and on (more on than off)
    - I'm an avid redstoner, if it can be automated, I will automate it. If it can't be automated, I'll make it where it can be, then automate it.
    - I'm one of the hardest working lazy people you will meet (see above about redstone)
    - I tend to take on 2-3 HUGE projects at once, bouncing between them all to keep my attention span up
    - If someone needs help, and I can help, I will.
    - I know the difference between someone needing help and trying to use me.
    - I'm online alot right now. Have a month and a half of vacation time I'm being forced to use by my work soooo... I'm on during the day, then late at night.
    - I'm on the SMP5 server.

    Hit me up in game or here! I'm always down to make new friends!
  2. Well Welcome to the Empire!
    I might hit you up about the redstone thing soon!
  3. Welcome to the Empire and forums Dektirok. :)
  4. Welcome to the Empire! :D
  5. Think you can make a clock? I will hire you if you can on the 22nd or 23rd if youll do it:)
  6. Like a clock to tell time by? Or, do you mean a clock to time other redstone devices with?
  7. to tell time :)
  8. Oh man, I was afraid of that. I CAN... with full "digital" display, but it is a HUGE project. You would need a huge plot of land, at least only way I know how to do it. Would include four or five piston memory arrays, which are 8 blocks wide a piece. All in all would need 8x4x5 pistons, double the amount of repeaters, double that in redstone dust, about 8-10 stacks of glass and 2 DC's full of 2 diff building blocks.
  9. At least that's the only way I know how. I can look into seeing if there is an easier way.
  10. lol i think ill just make it i will have a utopia plot soon anyways.
  11. Welcome to EMC! I hope that you stay here for quite a while! :)
  12. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  13. Welcome to EMC Dek!
    Great to hear that you are good with redstone! The stuff always amazes me as I am still learning the basics of it.
    Hope to see you around!