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  1. Hello, I am jano07 , playing at smp3 with my gf Sonnia, I love to play MC and build beautifull creations, while she enjoys shearing sheeps, collecting wheat, making pies and that kind of things. Moreover, both of us enjoy killing hostile NPCs.

    We are currently running a shop at Sonnia's res, 6206, come and check it!

    I am currently busy at a project in a near residence, the 6207, feel free to come and see it, maybe you can give me some ideas! ;)
  2. Oh, I forgot, once I have finished with my actual project, I will start a maze such as anyone has seen.

    I promise it will be the very pride of the server ^^
  3. Not a tad sexist at all :L
  4. Lol.

    Sexist? Why?

    I like a part of MC, she likes another, we both play together, and I help her as she helps me, do you have any problem with that?

    If it is the word "girlish" what it seems sexist to you, I'll edit it. I am not sexist at all, I can swear, just used a bad word, sorry :(
  5. If you never let them out of the kitchen, they'll never know what they're missin'. Keep up the good work. :cool:
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  6. I think you should go make your girlfriend a sandwich right now.To make up for it.
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  7. Dont worry, I am making the supper tonight, delicious lassagna.
  8. Go sleep outside.
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  9. You can't make me! You're not my real mom!
  10. No I'm your girlfriend.I have more say then your mom.
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  11. See, jano? This is what happens when you let them out. ;~;
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  12. Oh, I think I can see my future in your words.
  13. The exchange in this thread has given me a good laugh. Thanks Kenokam and SillyWhiteMage. :)
  14. It made me laugh too, thanks!
  15. Yeah, sorry to have a little "lover's quarrel" in your introduction post, but I thought it might be worth it. ;)
  16. Anything is welcome :)
  17. Welcome!!!

    +5 for this thread making me laugh!